About Us

Alan Reid

Alan Reid has been running successful travelling discotheques for over 40 years, and has been seen at the best parties throughout London, the UK, and around the world!

Educated at Rugby School and after a brief career with Coutts & Co. (DJing on weekends) it was in 1979 that he became professional and has not looked back since! He was instrumental in the forming of Joffin's Travelling Discotheques in the late '70s with Jonathan Seaward, and has worked extensively abroad for Hilton, Sheraton and Inter-Continental Hotels in Europe as well as Montreal, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Cairo.

Alan further extended his experience via a host of U.K. night clubs in the 1980s, and was at the forefront of the Karaoke craze when it hit the UK in the early 90s.

For over 10 years Alan has been wowing guests with Joffin’s Video Discotheques where the song and the video (via a big video wall/screen) are both played – it’s about as close as you can get to being at a live concert!

Alan has been back at the helm of Joffin’s since 1994 and since then has continued to take Joffin’s Discotheques all over the UK as well as, amongst others, Disneyland Paris (4 times!), Cannes, Prague, Monaco, Berlin, Barcelona, Lyon and Budapest.

Jonathan Seaward

It was after meeting Alan Reid while working at Coutts Bank in the 70’s that Jonathan founded Joffin’s Travelling Discotheques in 1979, just as the discotheque phenomenon began hitting the headlines!

Jonathan’s nickname is ‘Joffin’.