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To Compliment our top class regular discotheques we are delighted to offer Joffin’s Video Discotheque.

A huge video wall is the centre of attention and while we play our tried and trusted non stop all singing and all dancing set – the video is shown as well as the audio track being played. There is no compromise in the quality of either our presentation style or audio visual playback! We mix the videos in a similar way to mixing cds, so we do not require any other a.v. personnel to be present while we are working.

The video is displayed on your own/in house video wall, plasma screen(s) or projector screen(s), or alternatively we will be happy to supply the video presentation media. 

Obviously we do not have every song on video, but where we have it we’ll play it! Our ever-increasing collection comprises in excess of 7500 videos ranging from Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Michael Jackson and The Blues Brothers, through Madonna and Kylie to Outkast, The Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna and the latest Club and Chart hits. Where no video is available for a particular song we keep the screen(s) busy by filling them with exciting computer generated colour graphics and more!

Initially tried and tested over 10 years ago at a prestigious private party at The Dorchester, featuring a live performance by ‘Girls Aloud’ – this dynamic edge to DJing is available right now!

Finally, should a client so wish the screen may be used to show their photographs or video presentation on the screen(s) during the earlier part of the evening.