Outdoor Lighting Packages

Event Lighting · Outdoor Lighting Packages

Create an immediate impact with cost effective but highly impressive outdoor lighting. From simple oil burners to colour changing castle floodlighting anything is possible. Our large stock of outdoor lighting enables us to turn your venue grounds into a magical wonderland.

Metal Halide – Coloured Feature Uplighting

Metal halides provide the perfect solution for uplighting trees, buildings and features with rich colour. As the lights have a coloured gas, rather than using a coloured gel, they are extremely efficient and use little power.

Halides are available in electric blue, green, rich pink, white and yellow. A combination of colours provide a breathtaking backdrop.

Package 1

20 Metal Halides in choice of colour including installation.

Package 2

32 Metal Halides in choice of colour including installation.

Silver Outdoor T-Light Lanterns

These sophisticated lanterns create a fantastic effect when used en-masse to line pathways, patios and other garden areas.

Package 1

36 lanterns with candles.

Package 2

72 lanterns with candles

Additional Outdoor Lighting

Bamboo Paraffin Torches (sets of 8)

A 4ft bamboo cane, with integrated oil canister creates an elegant effect for highlighting pathways.

Sky Lighting

5000 watt controllable searchlights can be used to create a very high impact at your event. Scanning the sky, our powerful searchlights can be seen from miles away.

Gas Flame Burners (pair)

An ornate 8ft twisted cast iron tower produces up to a 3ft real flame.

City Colours (set of 4)

4 extremely powerful colour changing and controllable outdoor flood lights can transform even the largest venue.