Starclothing & Additional Lighting Options

Event Lighting · Starclothing & Additional Lighting Options

Starcloth provides the ultimate wow factor for room dressing and draping, stage backdrops and awards sets. Starcloth is a heavy felt drape lined with hundreds of white lights, creating a cost effective and very high impact centre-piece to any event.

We offer starcloth in two colours – smart production black starcloth draping, or unique and elegant white drape. The new white starcloth is absolutely stunning – especially when lit in colour. We also offer equipment control booths in matching starcloth finish.

We carry a very large stock of starcloth – including ‘video’ starcloth – where each LED pixel can be controlled creating an extremely impressive medium resolution video backdrop. Starcloth can be used purely as a stage backdrop, or to dress entire venues, ceilings and marquees.

Aside from our many lighting packages, we would be delighted to provide you with a bespoke quotation for your event.

DJ booth and crowd

Additional Lighting Services

Table Pinspots

Flown overhead Each pinspot creates a sharp beam of light for highlighting a table centre. The overall impact is elegant and sophisticated.

Pea Tree Lighting

Sets of static white LED lights for highlighting trees, shrubs and floral decorations. These can be used inside or outside.